Midwest Book Review December 2012 Issue

"As we search for love, we enter tangled webs of life and living. 'Dandelion Man - the four loves' is a novel about relationships throughout the 1960s and 1970s and across generations as many put together the unique stories of their lives and the touches of first love. Enticing with a dedication to a very different era, 'Dandelion Man' is well worth considering for general fiction collections."

Mary Cowper

Catholic Fiction Review

Do you remember your first love? Most do. We carry that first love deeply hidden in our hearts, but that hidden love remains. First love is that overpowering, head-over-heels feeling that we experience in our tender youth and it often teaches us how to need and respond to others. It prepares us for that special person with whom we ultimately share our life. Unfortunately, relatively few of us find the unending type of love the first time around. Yet that first love is so special that we never forget it. Forty years after losing his first love, Wally, now happily married, attends the funeral of Dee’s father. And in that meeting renews the memory of a love that both elated and crushed him so many years ago.

... the story that is related is both powerful and interesting.