Dandelion Man - the four loves

"As we search for love, we enter tangled webs of life and living. 'Dandelion Man - the four loves' is a novel about relationships throughout the 1960s and 1970s and across generations as many put together the unique stories of their lives and the touches of first love. Enticing with a dedication to a very different era, 'Dandelion Man' is well worth considering for general fiction collections."

Mary Cowper Midwest Book Review December 2012 Issue

Do you remember your first love? Most do. We carry that first love deeply hidden in our hearts, but that hidden love remains. First love is that overpowering, head-over-heels feeling that we experience in our tender youth and it often teaches us how to need and respond to others. It prepares us for that special person with whom we ultimately share our life. Unfortunately, relatively few of us find the unending type of love the first time around. Yet that first love is so special that we never forget it. Forty years after losing his first love, Wally, now happily married, attends the funeral of Dee’s father. And in that meeting renews the memory of a love that both elated and crushed him so many years ago.

... the story that is related is both powerful and interesting.


Fascinating and Compelling

The story which resonates and struck a chord with me, along with the unique cast of characters which made it a brilliant masterpiece. Great narration too!

- Daman

Delightfully Scary

My first impression was that I was not going to enjoy this book - proving that first impression can be SO WRONG! This book made me desperately look for some extra earbud time until I finished it (in 2 days). It had corruption, intrigue, plot twists, characters you had to love and those you loved to hate, it had it all! The scary part was thinking - this could really happen!

- Sandi

Hard to put down.

I found this book hard to put down. It draws you in and keeps you engaged throughout. I think the characters were interesting and well-developed. I really like the whole ”medical mystery” genre, and this book is scary in that it could very well be true. I listened to the Audible audio edition narrated by Samuel Hoke. I thought his narration was good and easy to listen to. I really liked this book and am looking forward to another in the series.

- Leslie


Kreucher hits a home run

I have listened to many dozens of audiobooks, mostly in the car and mostly from authors I know well. This story ranks in the top echelon- the ones where when I get where I'm going, I can’t get out of the car until I finish it-or at least finish the chapter. If audio books could be 'page burners'-- this one would be on top.

- Sam

Great Fast Paced Book! Very Good Narrator

This is a great fast paced book. it’s a great story about how if your conversation can be over heard it can totally be taken the wrong way and wind you up in a heap of trouble.

A few old friends are sitting at a dinner talking about how easy it could be to take over a drone, just fantasizing about how easy it would be, playing around with the idea, and BAM there world soon becomes upside down! scary how fast thing can happen

- TinkerMel

Action Packed And Suspenseful

I highly recommended this one for true action fans interested in political thrillers. lots to love. very well written and wonderful narration.

- Leslie F.

Super Packed Techno-Thriller

It deserves to be a movie with action twists and turns mixed with mystery.

- Daman