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"The Curious Case of the Brevard Recluse"

A cozy mystery: "In a town veiled by secrets, a child's discovery unravels a haunting mystery."

"Amidst the tranquil streets of Brevard, a young girl's chance encounter with a recluse's body sets off a chain of secrets, weaving a web of deception, greed, and the yearning for connection in this captivating small-town mystery."


"In the serene town of Brevard, Sally Fowler's ordinary childhood takes a sharp turn when she stumbles upon the lifeless body of an elderly recluse while playing near the local pickleball court. Officer David Chapman, navigating the peculiar circumstances surrounding the recluse's death, uncovers clues that upend the initial assumption of a heart attack followed by a bear encounter. As the police delve deeper, a tale of hidden riches and tangled secrets unfolds.


Amidst the whispers and speculations, the Tuesday Night Book Club, inspired by their love for Agatha Christie's mysteries, emerges as unexpected sleuths in unraveling the enigma. Led by Mary, an elderly spinster with a penchant for astute observations, the club members delve into the recluse's past, piecing together a narrative that spans war, love, and betrayal.


While the recluse remains shrouded in mystery, his life story becomes a captivating puzzle for the book club members, each revelation propelling them further into the heart of Brevard's hidden history. Sally's innocent discovery becomes a catalyst, leading the book club on a thrilling journey through a web of secrets, bringing them closer to the truth buried beneath layers of deception and intrigue."