W. M. J. Kreucher was born and raised on the west side of Detroit . He grew up in a house that his father and grandfather built. A product of the Catholic School system, a graduate of Detroit Catholic Central High School and the University of Michigan where he received his Bachelors of Engineering in Materials and Metallurgy. Walt did his post graduate work at the University of Detroit where he earned a Masters in Business Administration majoring in Finance. He was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma a national honor society for Business School Graduates equivalent to Phi Beta Kappa for Liberal Arts.

Walter worked for over thirty years in the automobile industry in the environmental field where he specialized in providing technical support on legislation and regulation, including clean fuels and vehicle fuel economy. He has ghost written for Congressmen and Senators and has authored parts of legislation and regulation in these areas.

Now he is entering the next phase of his life as a fiction writer. I know what you are thinking writing for politicians is fiction. At least now he is calling it what it is.