Dandelion Man - the four loves

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It was that darn song, the one tied so closely to the memory that initiated the neural flash, one triggering another, setting in motion an irrepressible yearning.

Should he? Could he? Would it be worth it?

Dandelion Man is a nostalgic romp that delights in the four loves and the struggles of choice.

"The story is both powerful and interesting."

"As we search for love, we enter tangled webs of life and living. "Dandelion Man - the four loves" is a novel about relationships throughout the 1960s and 1970s and across generations... Enticing with a dedication to a very different era, 'Dandelion Man' is well worth considering for general fiction collections." Mary Cowper Midwest Book Review


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Greed, the Need for Power, and a Heroine

PHARMACEUTICAL has all the elements of a good conspiracy.

CEO R. Curtis Larson is out to make money and doesn't have a lot of scruples about how he does it.

Diane McMichael gets in his way. Powerful allies on both sides complicate matters.

If you enjoy an action packed novel that will keep you interested until the end, pick up a copy of PHARMACEUTICAL.


Heaven Sent

Friendship; Loss; Love

When a young boy travels to Topinabee to spend the summer with his grandfather he learns more about life then he ever expected.

Heaven Sent is a coming-of-age story that begins in the woods of Northern Michigan.

If you enjoy a story that is sometimes sassy and irreverent, sometimes poignant, and always delightful pick up a copy of Heaven Sent.

The Inn at Heron's Bay

What’s on your bucket list?

In Topsail, a small town south of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, Elizabeth faces the challenges of converting the old family home and lighthouse into The Inn at Heron's Bay. When Kathy and Dixon arrive from the West Coast to study the beauty and history of the area, they discover more than any of them imagined. 

If you enjoy a story that showcases a beautiful area amidst a poignant story, you will love W. M. J. Kreucher’s latest novella.

Buy The Inn at Heron’s Bay and start your own bucket list.

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An innocent tweet. A Rogue KGB agent. What could possible go wrong?

DRONE is a thriller that grabs your attention early and compels you to continue listening. Sam and Pat are two friends deeply in love with their significant others. Vasili Grigory Konstantinov loves no one, nothing in his life has value, he has only a single purpose.

If you like a fast paced story, excellent storytelling skills, and a creative protagonist you will enjoy DRONE by W. M. J. Kreucher and narrated by Samuel E. Hoke. 


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Drone By W. M. J. Kreucher

Polonia - Pani Dewicka and Other Stories

Polonia is the story of Pani Dewicka and her descendants. In many regards she is but a symbol of those who have struggled under cruel regimes that have invaded other countries.  For it is written that we were all once strangers in a strange land.

It is a multigenerational story detailing the struggles of a ethnic family that eventually immigrates to the United States. The saga references actual places, people and events. It is none-the-less a work of fiction. Certain real incidents have been altered or re-imagined in the telling of this tale.

While Drifting

"While Drifting" takes you on a journey from Topinabee to Topsail in this collection of the first four novels written by W. M. J. Kreucher. Along the way you will come of age, encounter romance, and relish in a December-December love story.  The first three stories could be classified as "The McMichael Trilogy" with the lovable Diane McMichael as the protagonist.  "

Dandelion Man - the four loves", the first story, was called "enticing with a dedication to a very different era ... well worth considering for general fiction collections" by Mary Cowper from the Midwest Book Review. The Catholic Fiction website called the story "both powerful and interesting".

There is a bit of political intrigue and a good conspiracy theory in "Pharmaceutical", the second story in the collection, according to Karen Kelly Boyce 2012 Recipient of the Eric Hoffer Gold Award in Fiction. Boyce went on to say about the author "...we may have a Catholic 'Robin Cook'".

"Heaven Sent" and "The Inn at Heron's Bay" round out the collection with a story set in Northern Michigan and a novella set in coastal North Carolina in a small town with the delightfully descriptive name of Topsail.



Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Despondent at the loss of his protégé, Vasili Grigoriy Konstantinov, a man whom Dmitri loved as the son he never had.

Dmitri sets out in search of answers that only Sam Kennedy can provide.

Buy AMIE and find out how the DRONE saga ends.


Two for Vengeance – The Kennedy Chronicles

Two for Vengeance chronicles the saga of a common man, Sam Kennedy, who becomes entangled in international intrigue. The first story, DRONE, delves into just how this information technology consultant got dragged into a terrorist incident on US soil.

Newton's third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. AMIE details the impact that the DRONE incident had on the life of Sam Kennedy.


The Blue Nun

The Making of a Terrorist

THE BLUE NUN is the story of Dhanishta Goswami and her young daughter, Khaliqa, growing up in India. How can this simple peasant girl become the linchpin of an international terrorist incident?

Buy THE BLUE NUN and find out.