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"Diane McMichael walked out of the Rayburn Office Building and began to stroll down Independence Avenue towards the Washington Monument and the Tidal Basin. This was her favorite time of year and she wanted to enjoy the trees up close.  It wasn’t just the visual imagery, it was the aroma; like a favorite pie her mother used to bake. The warm breeze shared the aroma, calling her closer."

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The Blue Nun

The Making of a Terrorist

THE BLUE NUN is the story of Dhanishta Goswami and her young daughter, Khaliqa, growing up in India. How can this simple peasant girl become the linchpin of an international terrorist incident?

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The sequel to DRONE 

Dmitri Peskov, is looking for the men who killed his agent and protegee. He will stop at nothing to achieve vengeance. 

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